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Colorado-based singer-songwriter Lissa Hanner has released a video for her song, “God’s Gotta Good Angel.” The song, which she wrote last summer, was inspired by the deaths of three members of her hometown of Guffey, Colorado.

“A few years ago a good friend of ours known by the locals as Jersey Joe passed away,” Hanner recalls. “It was devastating for the community. He was a very special person. Kind and smart. Well-loved. When he left us, it was especially upsetting to a close friend of mine, and that’s when I wrote the first verse and the chorus.

“The song sat around for awhile until I was inspired to finish the second verse after another loss in the community,” she continues. “I finished the song a couple months ago after another well-known community member committed suicide.”

To Hanner, these deaths served as an important reminder. “When things like this happen it can sometimes make you want to give up,” she explains. “This song is about realizing we are here for a purpose and nothing is forever. When we lose our loved ones, we can’t be sad or angry, we just have to continue on with the time we have left, sharing whatever gifts it is that we have and living a life of joy. I believe if you have a gift, it is your obligation to share it with the world. My gift is singing. At least I can sing today — and my message to those we lost is, ‘I will sing for you, my friend!’ ”

During a trip to Nashville in October, Hanner’s longtime video collaborator, director Bill Filipiak, produced a video of “God’s Gotta Good Angel” featuring Hanner giving a poignant solo performance of the song outdoors in a garden.

You can view the video for “God’s Gotta Good Angel” below.

”God's Gotta Good Angel”

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