For a decade, Guffey-based singer-songwriter Lissa Hanner had promised friends and family members she would put together an album of her songs about the people and places she loves in her home state of Colorado. With the official release Feb. 5 of My Colorado on PineCone Records, Hanner fulfilled her promise.

“For the past 10 years, I’ve said I was going to do a Colorado album,” Hanner explains. “Finally, I had enough songs to do one.”

Musically, My Colorado is a 10-song, Americana stew featuring a good-time mix of folk, country and rock & roll. Lyrically, the album ranges from wry romantic commentary and straight-up love songs to heartfelt odes to Colorado.

Hanner’s love affair with Colorado began at age 15 when her family relocated to the Colorado Springs area from San Diego, Calif., which is where she got her start as a singer-songwriter. In her 20s, she moved to Nashville and spent more than a decade there. “I never really took myself seriously as a songwriter until I moved to Nashville,” she says.

Nashville is where she not only honed her craft, it is also where she met her husband Gary and where her daughter Sage was born. Even though Hanner was having some success in Music City — playing regularly at the major songwriting haunts, being featured in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Words & Music program — Colorado was calling her home. “My daughter was getting older and I wanted her to be in the mountains,” she explains.

Back in Colorado, Hanner turned her songwriting skills to the people and places in her backyard. My Colorado includes songs she wrote for friends’ weddings (“Meant To Be,” “Pink Palace”), songs for local icons (“Colorado Cowgirl,” “Springtime In The Rockies”), romantic songs, both serious and tongue-in-cheek (“High Altitude Blues,” “Careful What You Wish For,” “Stay,” Merry Go Round”), and a heartfelt ode to the natural beauty of her home state (“Colorado Colors”). In addition to the nine original tunes, the album includes a cover of one of her favorite songs as a child, John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High.”

My Colorado can be purchased at lissahanner.com, as well as major online music retailers, including iTunes and Amazon.

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